SEVER RECORDS — Home of pure progressive sound! Our music is easily perceived and carries a hypnotic elements with bold and innovative views in electronics. First release appears in the beginning of 2015, constantly rising and bring to us quality progressive house and progressive techno artists. Feel free to check and follow us on soundcloud, twitter and youtube.

SEVER001 — The first release of the label «Sever Records» whose owner is Ewan Rill. This talented artist is known in all corners of the globe. His tracks are played by the best DJs, his remixes are published on the most important progressive house labels of the planet. The time has come to start their own label.

SEVER002 — This is our second release! Reflection Soul bring to us quality progressive tracks. Overture is original track with Sad and Sun mixes, live guitar and piano melodies. Energon is the third track, with beautiful  sound. Reflection Soul make great production for coming summer..