OUT NOW! Ewan Rill & Milos Miladinovic

OUT NOW! Ewan Rill & Milos Miladinovic


Июль 14th, 2015




[CM0020] »Ewan Rill & Milos Miladinovic — Compiled & Mixed»


Ewan Rill and Milos Miladinovic - Compiled & Mixed











Balkan Connection’s reputation in the world of underground dance is second to none. An imprint of quality and distinction in an ever-shifting world of club music, label manager Milos Miladinovic and resident artist Ewan Rill – with over a century of production credits for Balkan Connection alone – have continued to shape the sounds and direction of the modern underground house with the minimum of fuss and a maximum of quality.

Coming together to form an alliance in the next instalment of the ever-popular «Compiled & Mixed» series for Proton Music, Ewan Rill and Milos Miladinovic have supplied 40 tracks from across the Proton label roster exemplifying both their own cultured tastes and an array of unsurpassed global talent.

Weaving a magical path with flawless technical execution, the driving percussive rhythms of Marcelo Vasami, Silinder and Danny Lloyd blend immaculately with remixes from Rich Curtis, Guy J and Stas Drive. A liberal smattering of Rill’s own production work adds further to the evocative blend with a stamp of class and authority, as the effortless combination of melodic interplay and bass driven energy provides a constant companion throughout the epic twenty-track score.

At over two hours in length, Milos Miladinovic provides the perfect parallel to Ewan Rill’s work. A source of thumping, rhythmic majesty, established icons including, Cid Inc., Derek Howell and Eelke Kleijn jockey for position alongside relative newcomers in Simos Tagias, Michael A and Following Light to create a mix that bristles with vitality and elegance. Add to the equation the presence of such glittering imprints as Flow Vinyl, Replug and Balkan Connection itself, and the resulting output is a guaranteed formula for dance floor success.

40 tracks across 4 hours of music from Ewan Rill and Milos Miladinovic have ensured that the future of underground dance music through Balkan Connection and beyond is in extremely safe hands.

Design by Ben Mautner
Text by James Warren

Ewan Rill — Compiled & Mixed (Continuous DJ Mix)

01) Michael A — 23.59 Am (Original Mix) [Genesis Music]
02) Marcelo Vasami — City Reflections (Original Mix) [Classound Recordings]
03) Mehmet Akar — A Kind of Panic (Kintar Remix) [Baires Records]
04) Dan Kubo — Europe — Io (Tommi Oskari Remix) [Stellar Fountain]
05) Steve Sai — When the Lights Went Out (Yuriy From Russia Remix) [Suffused Music]
06) Following Light — External (Ewan Rill Remix) [Balkan Connection]
07) Dmitry Molosh — High (Original Mix) [Lowbit]
08) Subconscious Tales — Edge (Original Mix) [Suffused Music]
09) Silinder — Last Light (Rich Curtis Remix) [Proton Music]
10) Silinder — 21:21 (Original Mix) [Proton Music]
11) Tash — Days Off (Stas Drive Remix) [Movement Recordings]
12) Satoshi Fumi — Composition (Rich Curtis Remix) [Spring Tube]
13) Cristian R, Kasall — Flying (Original Mix) [Movement Recordings]
14) Arthur Minnahmetov — Black Cherry (Original Mix) [Dopamine Music]
15) Danny Lloyd — We Are Here (Original Mix) [Particles]
16) LOM (AR) — Drops (Silinder Remix) [Golden Wings Music]
17) Ezequiel Arias — I Don’t Belong Here (Original Mix) [Dopamine Music]
18) Orsen — Look Twice (Original Mix) [Replug]
19) Lorchee, I-REC — Open Geest (LoQuai Dark Progressive Mix) [Electronic Tree]
20) Circulation — Turquoise (Guy J Remix) [Mesmeric]

Milos Miladinovic — Compiled & Mixed (Continuous DJ Mix)

01) MdM — The Mirror (Luke Porter Remix) [PHW Elements]
02) Mike Griego — Misery Ectoplasma (Original Mix) [Classound Recordings]
03) Luiz B — Secret Whisper (Blood Groove & Kikis Remix) [Spring Tube]
04) Jelly For The Babies — Cosmopolis (Mohn (NL) Remix) [Clinique Recordings]
05) Nikko.Z — Cunacolo (East Cafe Remix) [Golden Wings Music]
06) Derek Howell — Red Dwarf (Cid Inc. Remix) [Replug]
07) Bodytemp — Kalm (Eelke Kleijn Remix) [Silk Textures]
08) Silinder — 21:21 (Ewan Rill Remix) [Balkan Connection]
09) Following Light — Eye Of The Sahara (Michael A Remix) [Genesis Music]
10) Matter — You Are Here (Original Mix) [Balkan Connection]
11) Derek Howell — When the House Sleeps (James Monro Remix) [Particles]
12) Ewan Rill & Casper — Lips (Original Mix) [Balkan Connection]
13) GMJ — Nothing Is Lost (Michael A Remix) [Particles]
14) Mike Griego & Stas Drive — Mocca Sunset (Original Mix) [Flow Vinyl]
15) Dousk — Look Good Tonight (Nocturna Remix) [Balkan Connection]
16) Simos Tagias — Remain Strong (Original Mix) [Dopamine Music]
17) Kobana — Fly (Derek Howell Remix) [Proton Music]
18) Silinder — A World Is Watching (Michael A Remix) [3rd Avenue]
19) Marcelo Vasami — Laval Station (Tvardovsky Remix) [Movement Recordings]
20) Tvardovsky — Warp (Navid Mehr Violet Mix) [Proton Music]

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